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Third Party Recordkeeping, Administration, Technology Solutions and Consultancy Services for:

Human Resources Departments
Employee Benefit Plans
Benefit Consultants & Brokers

American Administration Services Company (AASC) provides the following fee-based solutions:

Unbundled Health & Welfare plan recordkeeping, administration and data maintenance.

Third Party Administration (TPA) Solutions:

DB & DC Retirement Plan Administration for any funds you choose to offer your employees, including Daily and Balance Forward. Click either of these links for general information about ERISA or about the Bush Retirement Plan Proposals.
Sect. 125 cafeteria plan TPA solutions including Plan Design, Plan Documents, Enrollment Assistance, Government Reporting and for Employees, Revolutionary access to funds via our VISA card program to reduce paperwork.
FlexCash, The perfect solution for huge payroll tax reduction, better employee satisfaction and healthcare cost control. FlexCredits.
HSAs    (Health Savings Accounts)
HRAs    (Health Reimbursement Arrangements)
Unbundled Health and Welfare plan recordkeeping, administration, COBRA and data maintenance service solutions including cost saving self-funded plans.   (HIPPA Policy?)
Defined Contribution or DC Style Health Care the next "401k" of benefits
Benefit Statements create a greater appreciation for the tremendous costs you incur providing valuable employee benefits. And effectively convey your huge financial & moral commitment's to employees. Benefit Statement options include traditional printed media and our new Internet or Intranet solutions to help an employer better control rising benefits costs including the high cost of providing medical coverage. 1 page,  8 page   PDF file examples
AASC is Independent, not product or investment driven; delivering benefits diversity combined with turn-key recordkeeping and administration for a reasonable cost. Your broker is critical.
We take governmental regulations and compliance seriously & we deliver "outsourcing solutions" customized to your specific objectives. Are your plans subject to ERISA?
Do YOU have a current Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?
Are all of your SPDs current and in full compliance? Do you issue timely SoMMs?
Important Information:   Social Security Fact Sheet   &   Plan LimitationsERISA

Commonly used Employee Benefit Acronyms & Terms and what they actually mean

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    AASC &, the right choice for the right answers.

    Over twenty years of ERISA client service and technology solutions!

    Members of several employee benefits and human-resources professional associations.

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